About Us.

Our catering services will keep your guest talking for months, everyone deserves the most delicious food and best service at their event.

We’re obsessed with taste. For us, the experience of a perfect bite, whether it be a mound of lush and buttery Sevruga caviar or the perfectly charred cheese-burger, is well worth the chase.  

Having been established in Pakistan for more than 40 years now, we understand what a unique blend of quality and variety the city has to offer and the exciting standard it sets.

We strive to apply our craft to intelligent, honest, and meticulously delicious food.

Every bite counts.

A Few Words About Us

Serving Best services Since 1980

Our incredible community is the foundation for what we do.  Our world of clients, staff and friendships make our work feel necessary and fuels our passions to create and to serve.  

We simply believe in the power of people and in the magic of food that brings us all together.  

Our creative philosophy is driven by this idea: being fully committed and inspired by a personality through our custom tailored menu designs, our generous and gracious staff and through our thoughtful approach to hosting and design.

Our beautiful work is the result of an honest and simple respect for ingredients and a strong technical foundation.

We don’t just know WHAT tastes good, we know WHY it tastes good, too.

We believe in seasonal cooking, bold and clean flavors, and a strong sense of time and place.    

We believe in the romance of food and the workman-like craft of cooking.

At bite, we’re about creating meals, memories and moments through the work using our decade’s experience, educated process, and our honest approach.